Silk and Cashmere in the door

Our most valuable priority is customer satisfaction! We offer you a service to make your purchases for you. We will have a convenience of convenience of making a different shopping experience and choosing with our Combin Suggestions. Make at least ₺1500 shopping from our collections of our collections of the world's most valuable tissues. Our request and date of WhatsApp support line, our online appointment system or Customer Support team, with our team, let's create it for the day and time you are eligible. Let's send the products you like to your door with their body options. Return other parts with free shipping while you have the products that fit your body. If you wish, let's offer our combid suggestions with our experienced teammates in fashion field. Let you have the most suitable day, hour and place to the unique tissues, the most healthy and comfortable way. Let Silk and Cashmere service, quick solutions and high quality products, let your door come to your door.

Fashion and Gift Consultancy

We are always bragging with our gift brand next to our clothing store. With the special gift counseling service, we offer the help of our expert and enjoyable team in the field. WhatsApp line is facilitating your choice of gifts with our gift consultants working in our customer support team and stores. Our consultants who help you when choosing your gifts are you when you are preparing gift messages that will make your loved ones happy. The cards that are prepared for the gifts are adding your messages, carefully packages and deliver your gifts. Our consultants are quick and most sterilized to every corner of Turkey, we are delivering your loved ones in Turkey.

Virtual store

Our stores get under your hand with a click! With our website you can easily reach our virtual store service you can visit our store online, you can visit the products by visiting their storefront. Live the virtual store experience with Silk and Cashmere.

Sterile package

We value your health and you. First we pack your orders with masks and gloves. We set out your package fastest and deliver contact without contact. You are being the most healthy and sterile package first opening.

Sales Advisor Support Team

You can get support from our sales consultants without coming to our stores. By appointment with our sales consultants can contact our stores online video calls can visit our stores.

Moreover 0850 360 09 90 by calling our call center with the phone number and. 0533 721 35 75  You can receive your desired counseling by contacting our numbered WhatsApp support line.