Our dedication to the finest quality knows no bounds, meaning we travel to one of the world’s remotest places for the very purest, richest cashmere. We source and manufacture our cashmere in Inner Mongolia, the birthplace of cashmere, spinning the most luxurious yarns into clothing of extraordinary quality.

Expertise and Innovation:
Our success is rooted in our pioneering spirit, driving us to continually push boundaries and innovate. From rich, cold-weather cashmere to feather-light, gossamer fibers for summer wear, we lead the industry with our dedication to quality and innovation. Our signature cashmere and silk blend knitwear stands as a testament to our commitment to marrying tradition with innovation.

Our belief in the intrinsic beauty of cashmere and silk drives us to offer extraordinary quality at an unparalleled value. Each piece in our collection is a fusion of timeless elegance and exceptional value, ensuring that luxury is within reach for all who appreciate the finer things in life.

Our collection of silk and cashmere pieces is unrivalled in its diversity and sophistication. From timeless cardigans that effortlessly complement any wardrobe to luxurious gifts for loved ones, every design from Silk and Cashmere is crafted to be treasured for generations to come.
April 30, 2024 — Sevval Koc