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Title : Fabeks Foreign Tic. Inc. (Honefully referred to as "Silk and Cashmere" or "seller")
Address : Assembly Ferko Signature, Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad.
No:175/7 Kat:B4 Şişli Istanbul
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Fabeks Foreign Tic. Inc. (Internet)
Merkez mah. Dumlupınar cad. No4/B Kağıthane - İstanbul 

Zip Code:34406

Article 2 - Thread

The subject of this Agreement is an electronic order from the Seller's website in the electronics website, the following qualifications and sales price are the law and distance contracts about the protection of consumers 6502 on the sale and delivery of the specified product. The provisions are the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties.

Article 3 - Right to Correct

The receiver has the right to be able to show no reason within 14 days from the delivery of the contract subject to the address / organization in which the product is shown.

Mutate the packaging and content of the product in accordance with the provisions of the product and the provisions of the product is within the framework of the provisions of the product and published in the provisions of Article 6 and published in the provisions of Article 6 of the product and the provisions of this Agreement is within the framework of the 6th Articles and the provisions of the product. During its use, it is imperative to be damaged and the seller can be offered again. If this right is used,

A) The invoice of the product delivered to the person or the buyer must be submitted with the return invoice in which the organization has been organized in which the organization has been organized in the name of the organization, which is organized in the name of the organizations.

b) Return Form,

c) The product price is returned to the buyer within 10 days following these documents from reaching the seller and the product is returned within 20 days. The box, packaging of the products to be returned must be delivered to complete and undamaged with standard accessories, if applicable.

The shipping cost of the product returned for any reason within the duration will be covered by the seller.

While the product is returned to the Seller, the original invoice that has been submitted to the buyer during the delivery of the product, and if the invoice is not sent to the seller with the product, other legal obligations cannot be returned. The product will be returned on the invoice to be returned with the product will be signed by the receiver.

Article 4 - General Provisions

4.1 Buyer on on the website on the website, the basic qualifications of the product is the basic qualities of the product, including all taxes, and the costs of the payment included in the delivery of the seller and the cost of the cost of this, the full-commercial title, open address and contact information of the Seller is to be carried out. It declares that it has been the correct and complete knowledge of information and gives the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment. is the integral parts of this Agreement on the preliminary information form and the invoice on the sales page on the website on the website.

4.2 If the seller has been signed earlier by this two Nüsha Contractors I have read on 26.11.2014 20:08 by the buyer, I will be considered accepted by clicking the section and the mail address will be sent to the Mail address of a copy.

4.3 The product is delivered to the person / organization at the time of the recruitment, which is disclosed in the front information, depending on the time of the receiver for each product, due to the condition of not exceeding the 30-day period. The consumer may terminate the consumer agreement if the seller does not fulfill his or her.

4.4 Any shipping fee for delivery shown in Article 3 will be covered by the buyer. If the seller has declared on the website, on the figure that shoppers on the figure, or in some campaigns, the delivery cost is covered by the seller. Delivery; The stock is available and the cost of the goods is done as soon as possible after the seller's account.

4.5 If the contract subject is to be delivered to another person / organization other than the Buyer, the seller cannot be held responsible for accepting the delivery / organization to be delivered.

4.6 Due to all kinds of problems that the shipping company will encounter the product in the delivery phase in the delivery phase, the seller cannot be held responsible because the order is not delivered to the buyer of the product.

4.7 The seller is responsible for the delivery of the contract, in accordance with the quality of the product, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and if available with guarantee documents and user guides.

4.8 The seller can supply a different product in quality and price equal to the recipient without expiring the contractual ifa obligation, provided that the contract is not expired.

4.9 If the seller is impossible to fulfill the fulfillment of the product or service, this situation shall not fulfill the obligations of the contract, reports this status to the consumer without expiring the contractual legal obligation and supply a different product equal to the buyer.

4.10 For the delivery of the contract, the signed copy of this Agreement is delivered to the seller and the price is paid to the buyer's preferred payment method. If for any reason, the product price is not paid or canceled in bank records, the seller is considered saved from the delivery liability of the product.

4.11 After delivery of the credit card of the buyer in an unauthorized or unlawful use of the buyer's defect of the receiver, if the bank or finance organization has not paid the product price for the seller, the buyer has been delivered to the seller 3 days, provided the buyer is delivered to the seller. It is imperative to be sent to the seller. In this case, shipping expenses belong to the Buyer.

4.12 The seller inhibited force majeure or transmitting the air opposition, such as extraordinary circumstances such as interruption of transportation, is liable to report the status to the buyer. In this case, the recipient may use one of the rights to cancel the order, if the contract subject is if the product subject is canceled, and / or the delivery time is delayed until the preventive status disappear. If the buyer paid if the order canceled the order is paid to him in 10 days of cash and defeat.

If the buyer's payments made by credit card, the product amount is returned to the respective bank within 10 days after the order is canceled by the recipient. After returning this amount to the bank, the reflection of the receiver accounts is fully related to the bank processing process and it is not possible to interfere with the seller in any way of this issue.

Article 5 - Goods to CLAIM

As of the nature; Disposable products, copied software and programs are not accepted to return to fast disturbed or last usage date.

The refund of the following products depends on the unopened, pristine and unused and tried and unavailable and untreated and unavailable and tried.

- all kinds of cosmetics
- Underwear products
- All kinds of personal care products

Article 6 - The default of the borrower

If the recipient is defaulted, the buyer agrees to pay the Seller's damage and damage due to the delayed performance of the debt. In cases where the recipient's default is due to the vendor's defect, the buyer will not be obliged to meet any damage and damage.

Article 7 - Authorized Court

In the implementation of this Agreement, consumer; their application on complaints and objections, T.C. By the Ministry of Customs and Trade by the Ministry of Months each year, the consumer purchased the goods or services within the month determined in December or the consumer issues in the place where the residence can be made to the referee delegation or consumer court.

Article 8 - The Consumer's Rights


In the packaging, in the tag, introduction and operating instructions or advertisements or advertisements in their advertisements or in its standard or in the standard or technical embodiment, the value of or eliminating the benefits of the value or the benefits of the use or the benefits of the consumer who is affected by the qualification or technical regulation. Goods involving material, legal or economic deficiencies are considered to be averted goods.

In this case, the consumer has the return of the contract, including the return of the property, replacing the goods with the distortion of the malfunction or a shame rate of reduction or free repair requests. The seller is obliged to fulfill the consumer's preferred demand. The consumer has the right to ask for compensation from the manufacturer in the cases causing death and / or injury to the death and / or injury caused by one of this elective rights and / or other goods in use.

If those who are responsible for this substance are responsible for bears, if they do not undertake responsibility for a longer period of time against bears, the responsibility of the action is submitted to the consumer of the consumer, even if the reputation of the consumer is subjected to the consumer. The demands to be made due to all damages caused by the distilled property are subject to three years of time. These requests are eliminated after decade starting from the day that the goods causing damage to the market. However, the moon of the goods sold cannot be utilized at the time of the consumer, the seller is hidden with severe defect or cheating.

Apart from the provisions of the losses caused by the losses caused by responsibility, the above provisions are not applied to the goods purchased by known goods.

It is obliged to be put on a label, which includes "disabled" on the distilled goods or the package, the manufacturer or the seller by the seller to be presented by the manufacturer or the seller. There is no obligation to be put in this tag in places that are only sold to the sales goods, such as a steward or reflexion, such as a floor or reyon. The impairment of the goods is shown on the invoice, plug or sales document given to the consumer.

Unsafe goods, even if the label be placed on the market is impaired. These products are applied to the preparation and implementation of the technical legislation on products 4703.

These provisions are also applied in all kinds of consumers for the sale of goods.

Warranty certificate

Manufacturers or importers have to organize the Ministry as an approved guarantee certificate for industrial goods they produce or produce. The responsibility of the warranty document, which includes the history and number of the billing invoice, the responsibility to give to the consumer to the consumer, the seller belongs to the dealer or agency. The warranty period begins from the delivery date of the goods and the minimum is two years. However, due to its feature, the warranty requirements of some goods can be determined by another unit of measure.

Seller; If the goods under the Warranty Certificate malfunction in the warranty period in the warranty period, the cost of workmanship is obliged to repair without any fees under the changed part price or any other name.

If the consumer has used the right to repair, it may use the selective rights in the case of the fact that it is not possible to exceed or repair the maximum amount of time that is not possible to benefit or repair the maximum time due to frequent malfunction in the warranty period. The seller cannot refuse this request. If the consumer is not fulfilled, the seller is responsible for dealer, agent, manufacturer-manufacturer and importer.

The malfunctions of the consumer's use in the curriculum operating manual are under the scope of two and third paragraphs.

The ministry has to be sold with the warranty certificate of industrial goods and the maximum period of time required for the repair of the malfunctions of these goods is the determination and announcement of the Turkish Standards Institute.

Warranty and repair time

Warranty period; The value begins from the date of delivery to the consumer and the value determined by the unit of measurement in at least two years and / or / or the relevant list.

If the warranty period is determined by another unit of measure, the presence of a device to determine this unit of measure on the goods or the structure must be in accordance with the determination of this value. Otherwise, the warranty period is considered to be 2 years.

In case of malfunction of the goods, the time taken in the repair is added to the warranty.

The repair time of the goods cannot exceed the maximum repair time in the attached list. This period starts to the service station of the property on the service station, in the event of the notice of the service station, the merchant's seller, dealer, agent, representative, importer or manufacturer-manufacturer starts from the date of notification. The consumer's failure notice; It is possible for telephone, fax, e-mail, committed letter or similar way. However, the obligation to prove the case of disputes belongs to the consumer.

If the malfunction of the goods cannot be removed within 10 working days, the manufacturer-manufacturer or importer; Until the repair of the property is completed, another property has to allocate the use of consumer with similar features.

Free Repair Liability

The seller, the goods; In the warranty period, if necessary for both materials and workmanship and installation errors, the labor cost is obliged to repair or make the repair of or without charge under any fee under any other name.

The service stations where the use of use in malfunctions are not found, respectively if the service station is not available; The seller of this property is determined by the Report Edited by the Dealer, Agent, Representative, Import or Manufacturer-Manufacturer.

Consumers can apply for the consumer issues related to the request to be determined by the expert in the second paragraph of this Article.

Other Liabilities

The goods despite the consumer's repair right;

A) From the date of delivery to the consumer, it continuously, in addition to malfunctioning within a period of at least four times or in the warranty-manufacturer and / or importer within the warranty period, within the warranty period, in the warranty period, continuously not to benefit from the goods,

b) exceed the maximum amount of time required for repair,

c) determine that the firm's service station is not available in the event that the service station is not available, respectively, the Repair of the fault is not possible to regulate one of the dealer, dealer, agent, representation, importer or manufacturer-manufacturer.

In cases, the cost of consumer goods can request free replacement, cost refund or a shame rate.

The report specified in this Article (C) is mandatory to arrange the consumer within the fourteen days of the consumer's application. The consumer may require the report to be organized or accepted the report within the specified time, and the relevant consumer problems apply to the referee delegation to be determined.

The seller cannot refuse the consumer's specified demands. The seller, dealer, agent, manufacturer, manufacturer and importer against these demands of the consumer are responsible for the manufacturer and importer.


Fabeks Foreign Tic. Inc.