Care Instructions


Cashmere and silk can be worn for countless years when correctly cared for. Besides items marked "Dry Clean Only," our garments and accessories must be hand-washed with Silk and Cashmere Shampoo. Add S&C Shampoo to lukewarm water (30°C) and gently wash your garments without soaking them for too long (1 cap of shampoo can wash up to 10 garments). Rinse thoroughly and do not wring or twist. Smooth the garment to its original shape and let it dry naturally on a flat towel. Do not expose to direct sunlight or any artificial heat source. You can protect your garments from moths with Silk and Cashmere Cedar Balls.



Pilling is a natural phenomenon that occurs when shorter cashmere fibers twist around one another, forming small bobbles. It can happen in knitwear after the first few wears, especially in areas exposed to more contact. Pilling is not an indicator of the quality of cashmere but merely a reaction of its unique and natural structure. Please be careful when wearing jewelry, handbags or other rough textures that may cause your garments/accessories to pill or tear. You can easily de-pill your products by using the Silk and Cashmere Fabric Shaver or a pilling comb.