"Safe Field Certificate - S.A.F.E COVID-19" certificateSilk and Cashmere withMay you have comfortable in your shopping

The Silk and Cashmere that carries out more in Turkey thanks to the Hygiene measures he received in the shops, the S.A.f.e Covid-19 certificate was the COVID-19 certificate.

Royalcert Turkey, Silk and Cashmere shops, Korona gave the "Safe Field Certificate - S.A.F.E COVID-19" showing all the measures against the corona virus epidemic. Our brand, which has the first brand feature with the trust document against the corona virus, provides maximum hygiene and protection area to their customers in all their stores.

Royalcert Turkey Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors, "The second wave seen in Europe and the job with the new quarantine is highly serious and the confidence in the shopping shows us that the trust certificate in the shopping is important. Sample to our country is very valuable. I celebrate Silk and Cashmere to receive a secure field certificate with this consciousness. It is also making us up to be our salt in this soup. " used their statements. The reliability of the brand in international and domestic news was provided once in the meeting, including the Demirören News Agency and Anatolian News Agency.

In the meeting in the Silk and Cashmere store in Akasya AVM, our brand's top manager (CEO) Ferhat Timpur has mentioned that our customers have a very hot service and shopped our customers to touch the products. He also expressed a brand new page for retail in the new world.

  • According to the information provided in the meeting, the cooperation is covered in the scope of Silk and Cashmere Turkey in Turkey, Akcerkez, Istinye Park and Nişantasi Stores checked.
  • All measures should be taken against the corona virus to the corona virus to the distance rules from the disinfection of employees from the entrance to the store to the store.
  • After the inspections of Silk and Cashmere stores, the 'Safe Field Certificate - S.A.F.E COVID-19' shows that all measures against the coronavirus epidemic were entitled.
  • At the meeting, the Certificate of Stores RoyalCert Turkey Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Alphan, Silk and Cashmere CEO were presented to the TimePur.