As Fabex Foreign Trade Anonymous Company ("Silk and Cashmere") we would like to inform you about the processing and transfer of your personal data within the scope of the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ("Law") as data controller.

The purpose of processing your personal data

Your personal data will be processed;

• in line with the rule of law and integrity,

• limited and modified in connection with processing purposes,

• right and up-to-date,

• with specific open and legitimate purposes.

All kinds of information on identity or determinable real person is identified as personal data and our company is fully or partially automated or in accordance with the law in accordance with the law in accordance with the law, fully or partially automatic or is part of any data registration system, storing, storing, storing, storing All kinds of personal data processing activities in which all kinds of personal data processing activities carried out on data such as changing, revitalizing, explanation, transfer, acquisition, obtainable, clarifying or preventing the use of the acquisition, obtainable, classification, and the privacy of private life is the privacy of the basic rights and freedoms, is the most possible for the protection of the principles and private life. performs the upper-level security measures.

As the data in charge, your personal data by our company is to understand your needs by compromising our quality for years, to better respond to your needs and to provide you better service to your requests and to offer you more personal products, services and offers, and to be able to offer you more personal products and offers. To be able to inform you about our products and services, to measure your satisfaction about our products and services, to improve and diversify our products and services and to diversify and diversify our products and services in terms of your products and needs, or to be able to make our products and legislation in terms of the relevant laws and legislation or our subsidiaries. Your personal data will be processed for purposes such as the fulfillment of our reporting and other liabilities that are prescribed by the law and legislation.

The fact that our employees' data, work law and social security legislation in which other legislation for the work and social security legislation, as well as enhancing the level of human resources or to increase the level of performance and employee satisfaction and ensuring work security and business peace, our company or company cooperates or authorize or authorize their company. or will be able to be processed by legal entities.

Transfer of your personal data  

If your personal data are included in the purposes of the above, in accordance with the legislation in KVKK and the legislation in force, but are not limited to the Group companies, as they can be shared within group companies; In line with the purpose of the service we offer with our business partners, business connections, ifa auxiliaries and subcontractors, or in case of regulatory controller institutions and official authorities, the legislation will be transferred to domestic or abroad.

The method of gathering your personal data and the legal of the legal

Your personal data can be gathered verbally, written or electronically in the above-mentioned purpose and scope. Our personal data is not limited to the fact that our company or company is not limited to the fact that the data processing data on behalf of our company, the website, various contracts, mobile applications, electronic mail, application forms, such as written or verbal communications, etc. via channels are gathered in oral, written or electronically. As a personal data owner, you have the right to stay in KVKK and other legislation in force,

• Learning whether your personal data is processed and

• Request information on this if your personal data is processed,

• Learning that personal data is used for processing and used to suit their purpose,

• Know the third parties in domestic or abroad your personal data transferred,

• If your personal data is missing or incorrectly processed, asking them to be corrected,

• In order to delete or destroy your personal data within the framework of the conditions for prescribed in KVKK legislation,

• When you claim to delete or destroy your personal data with the correction of missing or incorrect data, request to be reported to third parties that this situation is transferred to your personal data,

• Do not object to the emergence of a result by analyzing the processed data through exclusively automatic systems,

• Requesting the removal of this damage if you are due to processing personal data in violation of the law,

you have their rights. You can contact us in accordance with this method if you have a separate method according to the use of using these rights or personal data by the protection board.

Fabeks Foreign Trade Inc. (Silk and Cashmere). ASSEMBLY FERKO Signature Esentepe Mahallesi Büyükdere Caddesi No: 175/7 Floor: B4 34398 You can send the Application Form at the Wet Signature or on the Web address or on the, and send the submit button by clicking the Send button.

A reference to the owner of the personal data that includes your descriptions on the right that you have to use and use your rights mentioned above; It is clear and understandable that you are demanding that the subject you requested is related to the person you request or are acting on behalf of someone else, and the certification of your authority to be specifically authorized and included in the name of your authority, also include the name of the name, Surname and Tebligata, including the Republic of Turkey Citizens of the Republic of Turkey tc for Identification Number, Nationality for foreign nationals, Passport Number or T.C. If the foreign identification number and the authorities are available must be added to the e-mail, telephone and fax number.

Your applications that have been forwarded to us will be answered in thirty days as of the 2th paragraph of Article 13 of the Law, according to the nature of the demand. Our responses will be delivered to your side or electronic media in accordance with the provision of Article 13 of the Related Law.