Sustainability and Responsibility

Sustainability is deeply engraved in the foundation of Silk and Cashmere. From the fibers we use to our business practices, responsibility and longevity are critical. The nature of silk, cashmere and our natural fibers are breathable and durable, making them staples in your wardrobe, often times passed from one generation to the next.

Instead of adopting a fast-fashion strategy, we carefully curate natural pieces that are exciting yet timeless. Most recently, we are thrilled to be integrating recycled cashmere into our collection. Our sustainable fashion approach eliminates both waste and excess consumption; we do not overproduce and only work with health and safety certified facilities with sustainable practices.

We focus on digital expansion, work remotely and eliminate paper/plastic whenever and wherever possible. For a healthier and greener future, we will continue to demonstrate caution in our design, production and distribution without compromising our quality and the joy our garments bring.

Silk and Cashmere prides itself in standing firmly behind its ethics and values. Social awareness and responsibility are core brand values. As a female-founded brand, we pay special attention to providing fruitful career paths for the women of Silk and Cashmere. We partner with female designers, artisans and entrepreneurs, collaborating on collections.

For over 11 years, our brand has been running the Diyarbakir Shawls Project in partnership with the Diyarbakir Kulp District Governor's Office. In this context, pure silk shawls are hand-weaved from 100% pure local silk by the women of the Kulp village in Diyarbakır and sold worldwide. Our aim is to empower these talented women, weaving a stronger future for them and their families with each silk shawl.